Jimmyjane - Form 2 Luxury Edition Jimmyjane - Form 2 Luxury Edition клиторальный вибростимулятор

Цена: 189,00 €

Наличие: 7 рабочих дней

Ключевое слово: клиторальный вибростимулятор
Bränd: Jimmyjane

Experience luxury. This exclusive re-imagination of Jimmyjane's best-selling rechargeable vibrator features sleek black platinum silicone, a black charger, and 24 karat gold-plated
contacts. Perfect for couples, form 2 fits in the palm of your hand and offers
dynamic stimulation where it matters most. Think of it as sensation and style in stereo.

Unique Features
– Experience elegance. This luxury item comes in special edition packaging and features 24 karat gold plated contacts and a elegant black charging base
– An extra 'secret' vibration mode. Five vibration modes and five power levels means 25 ways to enjoy yourself

Powerful, Flexible Vibrating Ears
– Dual motors – only FORM 2 has individually powered ears for dynamic stimulation
– Actively vibrating ears – they won't stop when they come in contact with the body
– Twice the intensity of other products – The most powerful product of its size

Quiet, Variable Vibration
– 5 vibration intensity levels – with simple, intuitive controls
– 5 digital vibration modes – from side-to-side oscillations to rapid pulses. An extra 'secret' vibration mode. Five vibration modes and five power levels means 25 ways to enjoy yourself.

Body-Safe Materials
– Soft touch – the surface is seamlessly enveloped in silicone
– Body-friendly materials – including medical-grade phthalatefree silicone and stainless steel

Proprietary Waterproof Recharging Technology
– Completely submersible, washable and bath-friendly – no leaky adaptor jack to worry about
– Longest runtime of any product of its size and power
– High-capacity Lithium Polymer battery – Keeps batteries out of landfills (and money in your wallet)
– Fast charging – from empty to full charge in 2 hours (about the time it takes to charge a cell phone)
– Runs up to 4 hours on a single charge, depending on vibration
mode and power level
– Battery level indicator light – 3 short flashes indicate a full charge, 4 slow flashes indicate depleted battery

Travel-Ready Design
– Compact and good to go
– Convenient button lock – press '+' and 'MODE' buttons at the same time for 1,5 seconds to lock and unlock

Three Year Limited Warranty
– Long life span – durable materials, proprietary motors