Swoon - Undercover ультра тонкие презервативы 12 шт

Цена: 10,95 €

Наличие: 7 рабочих дней

Ключевое слово: презервативы
Bränd: Swoon

Protect yourself and your partner during intimate moments with Swoon Undercover Condoms. Offering barely-there, skin-on-skin sensations, they have a tapered shape and are made from ultra-thin rubber latex that's easy to slide on for a comfortable fit.

A tapered shape, flared base and extra lubrication makes Undercover Condoms easy to wear and comfortable during play, while the reservoir tip makes clean-up easy. 

When used correctly, this 12 pack of condoms reduces the risk of pregnancy, STIs and the HIV virus. 

Combine with a little water-based lubricant to enhance sensation and pleasure. 

Not suitable for use with oil-based lubricant.

Condom size: Regular
Length: 21,1 cm
Circumference: 5,6 cm
Condom thickness: 0,055 microns

12 pieces