MUSIC LEGS костюм шеф-повара

Цена: 44,95 €

Наличие: доставка в течение 24 часов

1 шт на складе (Eros Butiik)

Ключевое слово: костюмы


Your partner deserves a romantic night specially for him or her every now and then. And a sexy costume for an exciting roleplay is of course indispensable during this special night. With this white chef costume, you are sure that your night wil be sexy and tasteful. The costume consists of a white apron and a matching hat. The apron is open at the back for easy access. What's your recipe for success?

Material: 100% Nylon
Washing temperature: Hand wash
Bleaching: No
Ironing: No
Drycleaning: No
Clothes dryer: No
Size Fit: Runs small
One Size: One Size (S-L 34 - 40)
Stockings: Exclusive
Colour: White