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Наличие: Нельзя заказать

Ключевое слово: латекс


With these latex stockings you are sure that your outfit will look sexy and seductive. The stockings are made of Datex, which means it has a fabric lining on the inside. This way you can enjoy the looks of latex, but without the hassle of putting it on and taking it off. The fabric lining also provides more wearing comfort. Wear the stockings in combination with a sexy string and show your dominant side when you are wearing this provocative outfit.

Material: 69% Natural Latex, 27% Polyamide, 4% Elastane
Washing temperature: 30 °C
Bleaching: No
Ironing: No
Drycleaning: No
Clothes dryer: No
Fit: Very tight fitting
Size Fit: Normal
Colour: Black

Guilty Pleasures often are seen as the best pleasures in life. For lovers of Fetish wear (or those curious to try) GP introduces a range of Datex clothing. Datex is made of natural latex, rubber and very extensible knitted fabric. Great extensibility and resistance is the material's major advantage making the products easy to put on and off. Datex makes you feel comfortable while ensuring traditional latex quality at the same time.
The unique features of this material give us unlimited and revolutionary possibilities in clothing production. Now latex garments can be sewn in a common way without gluing process. What is more, seams become stronger thanks to the unique quality. This means hardly no more complaints about defects. The first collection of GP fetish wear contains bodysuits, skirts, dresses and costumes for roll playing. All products are made in Europe.