Pjur - Woman

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Ключевое слово: силиконовая смазка
Bränd: pjur

pjur® Woman was designed especially for women, tailored to their comfort, pleasure, and sensuality. No perfumes or preservatives are used in the formula. pjur® Woman was specifically developed for a woman’s soft and sensitive skin.
pjur® Woman is a moisturizer and massage fluid with an extremely long-lasting lubricating effect, giving you all the time in the world. Even if the moisture of the mucus membranes is out of balance – whether due to stress, surgery, childbirth, or menopause – pjur® Woman makes you feel new again. Experience the wonderful, silky smooth feeling with just two drops of pjur® Woman. For those special moments – a girl’s best friend. Embrace your sensuality with pjur®.

100 ml