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Ключевое слово: духи, духи с феромонами


Everybody wants to:

• Increase sex drive of the opposite sex, enhance desire, become irresistible

• Be a passionate lover, electrify the senses and charge imagination

• Create a positive and unforgettable impression, be in the center of interest

• Be considered reliable and dependable

• Be a successful and effective professional

• Be respectable and appreciated

• Be happy, loved and fulfilled

• Be successful in life​


Fragrance notes

Head notes: blackcurrant leaves Heart notes: freesia, rose

Base notes: ambroxan, notes of trees, patchouli, vanilla

The unique perfume with pheromones PheroStrong Limited Edition for Women can enchant you with their carefully chosen essences, which perfectly express your sensitive interior. At the beginning you will feel sensual notes of blackcurrant, which are intertwined with a blooming heart in the form of freesia and rose. The Vanilla base is complemented by a unique ambroxane, warm wood notes and exotic patchouli. These unique perfumes with pheromones are the perfect choice for every day. The refined perfume with pheromone PheroStrong Limited Edition for Women is designed to highlight all of your strengths! The fragrance is hidden in a simple, elegant bottle that expresses the philosophy of the PheroStrong brand. The cleanness of the details and the play of aromatic fragrance notes make you addicted to them. Be yourself and do not be afraid to express yourself with the perfect feminine fragrance PheroStrong Limited Edition for Women.

PheroStrong Pheromones – Your Secret Weapon
Pheromones clearly act as sexual attractants. Through the use of pheromones you can get more attention and become more sexually attractive than others. Experts say that people using pheromone perfumes have a more fulfilling sexual life as they are more easily able to attract partners.

Heavy use of soaps and detergents can strip away your natural sexual attractants. You can enhance your natural pheromones signals with supplemental pheromones signals

Female pheromones

Estratetraenol (estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol) – odorless even in very high concentrations, it has a very stimulating effect on men.

Copulines – a group of volatile short-chain fatty acids (from C2-C5). Copulines are natural hormones secreted by the human female vagina during ovulation. Copulines have huge effects on men.