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PLAYBOY Perfomance (Ausdauer) condoms are our secret weapon with triple action for a longer performance. Tighter fit, higher wall thickness and ribbed surface help you perform at your best. Nominal width: 52 mm. Our quality condoms made of natural rubber are manufactured at the rubber's location using German manufacturing systems and are of course dermatologically tested, 100% electronically checked and vegan. For even more fun, there are 4 Playboy Premium lubricant sachets in each pack, which are sufficient for 4 applications. The gel is suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex. Playboy Premium lubricants can be used with all Playboy condoms. Our lubricating gels have been dermatologically tested. Playboy Premium Lube Strawberry, water-based, stimulates the senses and sweeten your sexual experience with a sensual, fruity strawberry aroma. Water-soluble, leaves no stains and is easy to wash off.