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CHAKRA is the most advanced new generation product, which ingredients knocks down competitive substances. Chakra comprises up to 7 pheromones of extremely high concentration level of 0.727 mg/ml. Thanks to its unique formula experts do not hesitate to call Chakra the most effective among pheromones market.

The fragranceIt's just Sex & Power. This fragrance is impossible to describe, you have to feel it! Women who have been asked for opinions, described it as an oriental, determined, masculine and vibrant. This seductive note works from the first contact.

Composition - the mixture of 4 pheromones
Thanks to extremely high concentration (over 7 mg for 10 ml) Chakra was approved as a product of highest quality in its class. Not only Chakra pheromones is indispensable in seduction, but also in communication.

Androstenole, Androstenone, Androsterone + 4 new pheromones that no other pheromone product contains, they guarantee the highest quality.

Chakra's effectiveness has been confirmed by millions of people around the world, including many of our regular customers.

With Chakra you will achieve many goals:

- You will raise the trust of others to your person
- You will notice greater susceptibility of others to your influence
- You will feel more confident
- You will feel that your attractiveness in the eyes of other people is growing significantly
- You will awaken the respect and friendship of other men
- You will notice greater stimulation and ease in establishing relationships with people
- Chakra emphasizes personality and creates an aura of sensuality around you

How to use Chakra?

You can apply Chakra whenever you want - because Chakra works well in both business, social and everyday situations, and the spectrum of its activity is very wide and effective.

Chakra is reliable in every social situation. It works well when dealing with important official, business and banking matters, i.e. in places where a good first impression matters.
It is also used in places such as nightclubs, pubs, cinemas, where you have the opportunity to meet someone and the so-called. "Chemistry" and sending positive signals to both sexes.