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Fragrance pheromones for women. They increase attractiveness, lure and seduce men.

PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO - fragrance pheromones for women, with an elegant, seductive fragrance, suitable for any occasion. The unique set of ingredients evokes lust, erotic excitement and increased attraction to the woman, from whom they sense the exciting aura of pheromones. The effective operation of PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO results from the special fragrances contained in it, to which men react in a subconscious manner and are unable to resist their action.

The PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO will cause:

- men will perceive you as more attractive, charming and attractive
- you will become the object of desire for men
- men will strive to establish close contact with you
- you will raise more interest in men
- your resolve and confidence will increase

Who is PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO for?

PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO is a modern fragrance preparation, intended for women who want to emphasize their femininity and arouse interest in men, which they will not be able to resist. This preparation is ideal for you if:

you want to emphasize your attractiveness
you like when men pay attention to you
You want men who have not paid attention to you before, they started to be interested in you and try to make friends
you want men to see you as more charming, feminine and interesting
you are planning a meeting with a woman where you want to arouse lust and desire for sex
you want men in your team to consider you as a leader and follow your instructions

Why does PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO work so effectively?

A multi-ingredient fragrance composition has been developed based on knowledge in the fields of biochemistry, chemistry and physiology. The effective effect of PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO results from the special fragrances contained in it, acting through the sense of smell on the man's subconscious. Men react to the ingredients contained in the preparation in a subconscious way and are not able to resist their action. If they feel the aura of femininity that you have spread, they will feel an increased desire to be close to you and to be in close contact with you.

Does PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO smell?

PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO has an elegant fragrance, suitable for all occasions. Most women describe this fragrance as subtle and refreshing, while men describe it as exciting, determined, feminine and intriguing. Such differences in perception of smell by men and women are typical for pheromone-containing formulations.

When should you use PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO?

The PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO can be used daily, but the effectiveness of the preparation can best be appreciated in the following situations:

- grooming and making new acquaintances with men
- Dating and intimate meetings
- social events and meetings with men
- exams, castings, interviews
- trade negotiations, cooperation with male persons
- difficult professional situations, team work


By choosing PHOBIUM Pheromo VERO you can be sure that it is a product: about a carefully developed formula, created and tested by the best, experienced technologists, operating efficiently and reliably, dermatologically tested and safe for health, registered in the European CPNP cosmetics notification system, made of the highest quality ingredients, maintaining the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard, which ensures full supervision over the production process and the origin of raw materials

Package: A glass bottle with a capacity of 50 ml, with an atomizer.