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- Designed for women who like to dominate and conquer
- Women who thrive on power and strength
- Influence men even more and provoke them
- Raise up sympathy and respect
- Become more attractive in the eyes of the man you want
- Thanks to the unique combination of 4 pheromones

The difference in action between the ordinary series Love & Desire and the PREMIUM EDITION series is that in the premium edition, the concentration of each pheromone is twice as high. Thanks to this you get twice as much after one use. The limited edition is intended for people who are looking for even more impressions and challenges and love to be deified. In addition, if you've used Love & Desire before and their action seemed too light for you, the longed-for goal was approaching but not as much as you expected - make a second attempt, this time with Love & Desire PREMIUM EDITION, success is guaranteed!

Each of us is lacking in courage in male-female relationships. It sometimes happens that we feel too unattractive, which in turn blocks us and we have a reluctance to talk to the person we are interested in. Not only our appearance, but also "something", our internal magnetism affects the attractiveness. Pheromones are a natural channel of communication between people, that's why they work for everyone. If you would like to freely incorporate new acquaintances and still be yourself, try the natural, proven ways - for pheromones.

A specially blended mixture of the 4 strongest pheromones available on the European market
Androstenol - helps to flirt. It is a fragrance produced mainly by dominant women. This smell signals strength among individuals of the same sex. It serves women to attract men's attention and arouse their interest. Women in conditions of high competition have a much higher level of concentration of this pheromone. Androstenone is also worth using to want to arouse greater respect and domination. The use of androstenone in Love & Desire is especially effective in men.

Androstenone - evokes respect. It's the most feminine of all ingredients. It evokes the effect of domination, but does not affect the effect of aggression, creating a rather aura of security. Naturally reveals itself in calm females, type Alpha.

Copulins - will build your authority belongs to the group of women's pheromones. It evokes an amazing effect of arousing interest among men, which makes it become the most popular among women's pheromones. The Astrid Jutte study showed that Capulins regularly increases testosterone levels in men by a minimum of 150%. The effect of Copulonis has a comprehensive effect on the perception of a woman in the company of men. It quickly arouses excitement for which physical attractiveness goes to the background.

Estratetraenol - is considered a true female pheromone. Estratetraenol remains odorless even at high doses. Despite the lack of fragrance, it activates the human brain in a specific way. The dominant men are particularly sensitive to the effects of estratetraenol. Small doses affect the mood and stimulate sex.

How does Love & Desire for women smells like?
It's sexy, fruity-floral fragrance for resolute, independent women who know what they want and do not hesitate to post it to reach. This is a very feminine fragrance: sensual, sophisticated, strong, hot and defiant. Provokes and fascinates, causing quite a stir in the minds of men, doing a lot, but one - not neutralized. The smell of Love & Desire consisting of scent notes: black currant, pear, Italian clementine, orange, ginger flower, hibiscus seeds, freesia, California cedar wood and vanilla.