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Candy posing pouch.

Forget silk, lycra or leather – the only material for fancy pants these days is sugar. Yes, as mad as it may sound, it's absolutely true. After the success of our Candy G-String, we decided the boys deserved a chance to get in on the act, and to give their other halves a sweet treat. For a new way to give your package appeal, you can't beat the Candy Posing Pouch.

The Candy Posing Pouch is made entirely out of the tiny pastel coloured sweets we all loved as children, intricately strung together to make the kind of underwear you'll never find on the high street (unless you live in Amsterdam.) Okay, pastels might not be the most masculine of colours, but if you're wearing a posing pouch made out of sweets, it's a bit late to be worried about that.

We've skirted around the issue a bit, but we're sure you've all thought of one rather obvious use for this particular item of underwear. There is a certain bedroom activity that rather disproves the adage 'it is better to give than to receive'. With the Candy Posing Pouch, you can sugar the pill a little, as it were. Just make sure you're dating someone with a sweet tooth...

The Candy Posing Pouch makes a great novelty gift, especially if paired with the Candy G-String for your other half, giving you both something nice to nibble on. The only snag is you're never going to be able to walk past the Pick 'n' Mix counter again without a big grin appearing on your face.

May contain nuts (if you can fit them in).

Content: 210 gram