System JO - NATURALOVE Orgaaniline lelude puhastussprei

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Bränd: System JO


Your toys are good to you. Be good to them. JO Organic Toy Cleaner sanitizes, refreshes and extends the life of your favorite toys. 100% Organic and USDA Certified Organic.

• USDA Certified Organic
• Now in a Convenient Travel Size!
• Non-greasy formula is gentle and odorless
• Safe for use with all toys
• Contains No Alcohol, Glycerin, Parabens or Petro Chemicals
• Body Safe

Extend the life of your favorite toys with JO Organic Toy Cleaner, the only USDA Certified Organic toy cleaner on the market. It's 100% Organic.

This easy-to-use toy cleaner safely disinfects any toy without harsh chemicals, glycerin, alcohol or parabens. It's gentle, odorless and body safe. Uses a natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal formula.

Compatible with latex, rubber, silicone, glass and metal toys.