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Breathtaking sensations, time and time again.

Following the breakthrough launch of the TENGA AIR-TECH and the global
launch of the Vacuum Controller comes the AIR-TECH Vacuum Controller
Compatible (VC)!

The brand new AIR-TECH is compatible with TENGA's new Vacuum Controller,
and is also designed to provide a supreme suction sensation even on its own!

This is made possible due to the new internal structure and sleeve-holder-band!

Now users with the Vacuum Controller can enjoy a reusable item, and even
those without, wonft miss out on great sensations!

The Vacuum Compatible AIR-TECH products are discernible from the outside designs. Please note the design difference as well as the inclusion of 'VC' in the product name. The product also comes with a 'Vacuum Compatible' sticker on top of the product.

The Reusable Vacuum CUP VC comes in two sizes straight from launch, both of which can utilize the TENGA Vacuum Controller and its adapters!

The Reusable Vacuum CUP VC comes with a sponge to stop lubricant leakage and a band to hold the sleeve in place during strong suction with the TENGA Vacuum Controller.

With an all-new internal structure, the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC allows superior
suction compared to other AIR-TECH's, even without a Vacuum Controller!

- New internal design to boost suction!
- No lubricant leakage with sponge.
- Two sizes from launch.
- Band keeps sleeve in place.
- Airflow structure & air-cushions.
- Reusable, low cost item for Vacuum
Controller owners.
- Lubricant included (HOLE LOTION REAL 20 ml).