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MARIKO SAKURI SENSO - Explore the art of seduction!

Pheromones are substances produced by organisms to attract the opposite sex. Perfume with pheromone or aromatic aphrodisiac is an effective and proven way to attract men's attention and excite them.

MARIKO SAKURI SENSO is a combination of the Japanese art of seduction and knowledge of French masters of perfumery. Erotic perfume with beautiful, feminine scent. The masterful combination of pheromone effect and arousing scent created to seduce men.

- social and intimate encounters with men
- negotiations with men, interviews, castings
- events, celebrations, public appearances
- all situations in which you want to create a positive impression on men.

TYPE OF FRAGRANCE: exotic, floral

Top notes: lotus, rose, violet, melon,
Heart notes: lily, lily of the valley,
Base notes: sandalwood, musk, tuberose, amber,

PACKAGING: 15 ml "roll-on" glass bottle - for precise application.

EFFICIENCY: The strongest effect persists for 5-6 hours after application.