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Pheromone Essence is based on Androstenone. The vial 7.5 ml has special dispenser, what enables to pour pheromone into favourite perfume (maximum 100 ml) or applying it directly to the skin or clothes. Remember, pheromones applicated directly to the skin works more effectively. And they are enough for a lot of weeks. You can mix them with your perfume or apply point-wise and additionally use perfume.

Package: 7.5 ml vial with the dropper
Productivity: 150 drops
Amount of pheromones in 1 drop: 17 mcg
Average time of the use / applied every day: 3 months
Composition: Pheromone parfum, dipropylene glycol

Remember! Product is strongly concentrated, apply not more than 1-2 drops!
Product intended for adults. Store in the dark and dry place away from children.

Don't apply in case of allergy to any ingredient. If you look for really effective pheromones, forget about cheap fakes. Difference between original pheromones and their cheaper equivalents is the same as the difference in perfume. At the beginnig Cheap perfume smells similarly, but very becomes flat. Similarly to pheromones, but for their composition and saturation.